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The struggle is real. As a busy mom, you may feel as though you’re constantly running on fumes—and no wonder, what with work, kids and laundry to attend to. But that doesn’t mean it has to be like that. Check out these tips below that will help organize your home while ensuring that you can accomplish all your tasks each day!

#1 – Make a Plan

Make sure everyone has their own bin for storing their belongings; designate one spot in your kitchen where everyone puts their things away when they get home from school/work/play so things don’t get misplaced or lost.

Put colorful bins in small children’s rooms so they know exactly where their toys belong. This way, dinner prep isn’t interrupted because someone didn’t have a place to put his jacket.

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In fact, labeling bins with things like Boys, Girls and Work Clothes can be quite helpful. Label drawers under sinks in kid bathrooms (or even full bathrooms) for toothbrushes and toothpaste; clearly state which shelves are for medicine (over-the-counter medicines as well), bandages, razors etc. if space allows do so.

This will ensure everyone knows where everything belongs, taking one stress off of your shoulders in particular!

#2 – Cut Out Clutter

Start by placing only 2 books per stack and keep only 1 type of magazine per pile. That way, you always know exactly what’s there without having to dig through stacks of stuff every time.

Hold onto important documents such as birth certificates, passports, social security cards etc. but purge receipts, unnecessary credit card offers and old magazines that add clutter but offer no value.

Use clear plastic envelopes to organize craft supplies, business cards and more.

#3 – Be Kind To Electronics

Organize electronics such as phones and chargers at least once a month; make certain cords don’t tangle up underneath desks or furniture nor do they become too lengthy in length – but don’t cut them either unless absolutely necessary!

Keep extra chargers together in a drawer, desk or box to limit cords being strewn around. When not using appliances, store them away rather than leaving them on counters and visible surfaces so they’re not an eyesore or tripping hazard.

You might also consider investing in designated tech storage areas rather than keeping items out in plain sight where they can easily be knocked over by pets or little ones.

#4 – Create A Space For Everything

If something’s got a permanent home, you won’t leave it scattered all over your home. Set a timer for 20 minutes and tidy a room of your choice; then move on to another, doing so until you complete that entire floor or area.

Since you don’t have to finish in one sitting, save yourself some sanity and just focus on clearing one area as thoroughly as possible before moving on to another area!

#5 – Don’t Throw It All Away

Make a to donate box; fill it with things you no longer need or use and take it to your local charity drop-off on your way to or from somewhere else.

Nothing wrong with clean out your closet and donating older clothing, toys, and household goods!

#6 – Go Electronic

Try going paperless wherever possible. Reducing paper helps not only reduce clutter in your home but in landfills as well.

Rather than receiving bills and other mail via physical post, opt for electronic copies of all such correspondence.

Cut down on paper by printing only what you absolutely need to print. And stick to your usual mail schedule; over-receiving mail is one source of clutter in many homes!

#7 – Clean Up After Yourself

Never leave dirty dishes or wet towels out as these can lead to mildew, mold and other things you’d rather not deal with in your home.

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Run a dishwasher or load a washer as soon as you’re done with food or hand-washing. Toss small loads of laundry in right after.

Not only will your home look neater but it’ll smell better, too!

# 8 – Say No

This is especially true when it comes to friends who try to get you to do things that don’t bring any joy into your life.

If they make plans and ask you to join them, be honest and say no thank you.

If they press you to do something, tell them that even though you want to be a part of their life, sometimes your health and family come first.

# 9 – Stay Hydrated

Drink water throughout the day; one way to accomplish staying hydrated is to have a glass of water within arm’s reach.

Another trick is to think about how much water you usually drink in a day; for most people it isn’t very much.

Once you know how much you usually drink, start increasing it by a small amount each day.

# 10 – Isolate Problem Areas

If clutter is a problem in one particular area of your home, isolate that area from other parts of your home (or from other rooms in that same space) by hanging a curtain or placing dividers to keep them separated. Just remember to keep that area well-lit and, if possible, get it out of your main living space.

# 11 – Take Inventory

If you don’t know what you have, you can’t get rid of it.

Take stock of all your stuff by gathering all belongings in one place; photos help provide memories while knickknacks remind us of loved ones or good times.

Ideally, choose a time when your kids are gone for a few hours so that they aren’t tempted to grab everything away from you!

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