11 Quick Organizing Hacks Anyone Can Do in Less Than 5 Minutes

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If you’re a mom, you probably feel like there’s never enough time in your day to get everything done. That may be true, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying to maximize it anyway.

One simple way is to incorporate a few simple organizing hacks into your routine so that you can declutter spaces faster. Here are 11 quick home organization tips anyone can do in less than 5 minutes:

1. Clear off one side of your desk each night before bed

Whether you use it or not, every night before going to bed clear off one side of your desk with all its contents and leave them piled up.

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First thing in the morning put back those items that belong on your desk then repeat until there’s no more clutter on either side. Now start fresh!

2. Overhaul your junk drawer once a week

Go through all those small miscellaneous items—and any other jumbled together stuff like rubber bands or stray scissors—and toss out what you don’t need anymore (or what never belonged there to begin with).

Put everything else in an orderly pile so that you can easily find what you need when looking for something specific.

3. Go through your wardrobe once a month

It may seem difficult to do regularly but if you designate 30 minutes each month to go through all your clothes, shoes and accessories hanging in your closet and dresser drawers, it will actually be quick and easy.

Be honest with yourself while paring down excess hangers; if you haven’t worn something at least twice within 6 months time consider donating it or consigning it.

4. Toss expired medications from your medicine cabinet weekly

Store them properly in their original packaging to keep track of their expiration dates and throw away anything expired accordingly.

5. Create A Place For Everything

Keep things you need frequently close by. If they are strewn about your living space it’ll cause stress because you have to think harder about how to get things done efficiently.

Make a place for everything in your home where they fit neatly and appropriately so they aren’t taking up much needed space elsewhere.

6. Set up a dropped mail basket by your front door

Most people walk around in circles before finding a good spot to set their mail and keys down. This can happen over and over again which results in even more disarray throughout your house. Set up a special dropped mail basket as close as possible to your front door so you only have to deal with whatever is in there on that day.

7. Have two trash cans in your kitchen instead of one

The first should contain trash items that need to be taken out daily and tossed straight into recycling bins; most wastebaskets are too large for these.

The second should contain items such as unused foods and organic materials that can be composted.

Make sure both trash cans are under 13 gallons size so you can take them out often without lifting heavy loads.

8. Dedicate one drawer to your purse and handbag

Purse can take up a lot of room depending on how big they are. There’s nothing wrong with having different purses and handbags for different events but if you just need one full-time, dedicate a top drawer in your bedroom chest of drawers to housing it and make it neat enough so that you won’t mind grabbing it.

9. Apply a single principle to your whole life

When it comes to getting organized, you can’t treat one part of your life differently than another. Do you want everything in your life to be organized and in order? Then apply those same organizing principles all across your life.

10. Move cleaning supplies out of reach

Too many cleaning supplies scattered about doesn’t make for a cleaner living space—it makes for cluttered messiness. Cleaning products that are out of sight, out of mind can make you forget they’re there and they’ll slowly build up over time.

Make cleaning supplies inconvenient to access by placing them on a high shelf or in a storage box you have to open with a ladder.

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11. Store paperwork according to its importance

All your important papers should be stored in one folder or box; once it gets stuffed full toss everything out and create a new one.

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