13 Genius Ways to Organise Kitchen Cabinet

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Check out these tips to help you get your kitchen cabinets in order. You might be surprised by how easy it is! And, once you’ve got them all organised, take a moment to appreciate your hard work with a glass of wine…you deserve it!

1. Add pull-out shelves

Do you use wooden spoons, wooden spatulas or other small tools that don’t really fit well into drawers? Pull-out shelves are perfect for hiding those smaller items that tend to make drawers so messy; they’re also good for storing everyday cooking utensils like spatulas and ladles.

2. Make room for large bowls and pots

If you have larger bowls or pots that won’t fit comfortably inside your cabinet, stackable holders can hold them without taking up any additional space.

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3. Stack plates vertically instead of horizontally

The traditional way to store dishes is horizontally—but vertical storage makes so much more sense! It takes up less space, it’s easier to see everything you’ve got (which means there’s less time wasted searching), and it looks nicer too!

4. Label sections of cabinet doors

A great organisational strategy is labeling sections of your cabinet doors. For example, if you have six stacked plates but need room for eight, label each section four or eight next to one another so there’s no confusion when loading dishes.

5) Use hooks to hang plastic bags, pot scrubbers and dish towels

Hanging plastic bags from an upper shelf can help keep spills contained (and your floor clean). Hang pot scrubbers, strainers and/or dish towels from hooks as well.

6. Store dry goods in pretty jars on open shelving

Open shelving allows you to easily see what’s inside containers—and prettier containers are better at keeping bugs away!

7. Use egg cartons to organise office supplies

Organise your pens, pencils and highlighters with egg cartons instead of buying a specialised container.

8. Keep baking essentials close at hand

If you bake often, give yourself an extra boost by keeping baking essentials close at hand.

9. Stack tupperware lids along side their matching containers

Tupperware doesn’t match? No problem—stack lids along side their matching containers.

10. Use empty tissue boxes to organise makeup

Keep your makeup organised and off surfaces by using empty tissue boxes.

11. Place ice cream tubs in fridge to create instant labels

Creating labels with pieces of tape leaves your ice cream tub unrecognisable. Instead, place ice cream tubs directly inside fridge to act as instant labels and leave freezer clear for frozen foods.

12. Stash oven mitts below stove

Have you ever struggled trying to find an oven mitt whilst still holding hot food? Stop wasting your time by stashing an oven mitt beneath your stove—it’s a quick and convenient place to stash an oven mitt that’ll always be handy.

13. Use shower hooks to organise brooms, dustpans and dusters

Rather than creating a jumbled mess at the bottom of your closet, simply hang brooms, dustpans and dusters on a shower hook.

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