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Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a CEO, laundry is part of everyone’s life. It has to be done. If you find yourself losing time doing chores around your house rather than living your life, it may be time to give things in your house an overhaul.

One area that often needs extra TLC is your laundry space. Don’t know where to start? Try these 13 simple tips on how to keep your laundry room organized. From sorting clothing before washing, using baskets to store dirty clothes and never using plastic bags again, these simple habits will have you well on your way to creating an organized space that makes folding clothes just as fun as hanging them up!

#1 – Sort like with like

When looking at what to wear each day, take five minutes to quickly sort through all your clean clothing. Put together outfits that are easy to throw on while also planning outfits ahead of time (e.g., matching socks and coordinating handbags). This helps keep everything in place so you don’t spend more time searching for matching pieces later.

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#2 – Store stuff separately

The last thing you want to do when trying to be productive is having piles of clutter staring back at you. Keep your dirty clothes separated from other items by storing baskets near your washer and dryer and dividing them into colors/categories (dark wash, lights, etc.). Not only does it make things easier during cleaning days, but also easier when it comes time to fold — making laundry one less chore to worry about every week!

#3 – Use fabric softener sheets

There’s nothing worse than pulling out a pile of wet clothing to discover they came out wrinkled. Avoid unnecessary ironing by using fabric softener sheets that can cut down wrinkles without leaving behind any residue on your clothing. Simply toss them right in with your wash cycle!

#4 – Use mesh laundry sorters

These organizers can help separate any knickknacks or accessories you want to keep organized such as jewelry, belts, ties and small appliances. You can even use them inside your dresser drawers if there isn’t enough drawer space to hold all your little odds and ends.

#5 – Separate whites & darks

White clothing tends to show dirt easily. Unfortunately, it requires multiple washing cycles due to their level of severity compared to colored clothing. To save time, simply separate your white clothing and launder them on their own.

#6 – Organize your laundry supplies

With kids, pets and husbands running around in clothes, you’ll need a ton of detergent to get it all clean. Save time loading and unloading laundry detergent by purchasing collapsible containers to stash under your sink or pantry. Each container holds at least 50 oz of laundry soap which means you’ll always be ready to do a load or two!

#7 – Label your hampers

Having an organized closet is great, but it doesn’t mean much if you can’t see all your clothes. Prevent missed articles of clothing by labeling your hampers with a marker. At a glance, you’ll be able to tell at a glance if something is clean or dirty.

#8 – Create uniform hangers

Do you have clothing piling up in your laundry that’s still on its original hanger? Hang a uniform set of empty hangers on your door, and grab one as you remove clothing throughout your house!

#9 – Use plastic storage bins

No matter how organized you try to keep things, laundry rooms tend to get messy pretty fast. That’s why plastic storage bins are a must. Use them to separate folded clothing by category, outfit or season and stack them up for quick access whenever you’re doing laundry.

# 10 – Empty your pockets

Before tossing your dirty clothes in with everyone else’s, remember to empty your pockets first! Many times we reach into our pockets and pull out a few of those receipts that have been sticking around for weeks.

# 11 – Use a laundry basket

A laundry basket is key to keeping your room organized. It prevents you from dropping clothing all over your floor and allows you to keep it closed while transporting dirty clothes to another room.

# 12 – Schedule laundry time

If you don’t want to do it, plan on doing it. We know, no one wants to think about their dirty clothes, but if you get into a habit of putting off doing your laundry, those piles start building up really quickly!

# 13 – Clean up after yourself

Like anything in life, organization requires maintenance. While you may have cleaned your laundry room yesterday, today it can quickly become a cluttered mess again. Maintain your newly organized space by spending just a few extra minutes per day to keep things neat and tidy!

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