21 Ways to Keep Kids from Getting Bored at Home This Summer

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Boredom can be a major problem during summer. Kids have more time to do nothing, which leads to inactivity. In order to avoid your kids being bored at home all summer long, it is important that you keep them occupied with various activities. Here are some tips to help with boredom:

1. Have good communication between you and your child’s teacher so that they are kept up-to-date on any curriculum related tasks they may need to complete while out of school. This way there will be no surprises once they return back to school after their break in August.

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2. Make sure you spend some family quality time together every day – even if its just watching a movie together or going outside and playing games.

3. Encourage your children to come up with new ideas on how to stay busy and engaged.

4. Sign them up for local sports teams or swimming lessons: The YMCA offers plenty of affordable options in addition to having great locations across North America.

5. Attend community events as a family: There are always neighborhood block parties, parades, art shows and festivals happening nearby.

6. Go camping! Why not take advantage of beautiful warm days and camp under the stars?

7. Check out local attractions – Chances are there are several museums, historical sights and other family friendly places close by where you live

8. Take advantage of hours when parents typically get errands done such as grocery shopping early in the morning or later at night.

9. Prepare meals ahead of time and put them into containers for lunches (that way lunch can be ready to go immediately upon arrival home from school).

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10. Participate in an interactive Summer Reading Program at your library.

11. Let teens earn money by babysitting younger siblings.

12. Play board games instead of video games.

13. Read a book together (while listening to audiobooks you’ve already listened to individually).

14. Visit our Pinterest Boards – Summer Activities, Homework Helpers, Cool Science Activities & Volunteer Opportunities for Kids & Teens.

15. Plan some solo trips for Mom & Dad; taking everyone along can add too much pressure.

16. Treat yourself with a home massage.

17. Don’t forget to eat dinner as a family.

18. Celebrate your summers with special treats like ice cream sundae bar.

19. Teach them to budget time and get chores done around the house.

20. Enroll in a fun online class through Khan Academy.

21. Don’t force kids to watch TV – While TV can be entertaining, you don’t want your child turning off their brain for hours at a time.

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