If you are new to home ownership, the roof is a critical component and one that should be regularly inspected, as issues can be hidden from view. Ask any seasoned property owner and they will tell you that in order to avoid major roofing repairs, you should have the roof inspected regularly, and with that in mind, here are some of the common roofing issues you might encounter.

  1. Missing Roof Tiles – The roof tiles act as a skin to protect the interior roof structure from water, and a few missing tiles could end up causing extensive damage to your roof’s interior, and with affordable roof repair in Dudley, it won’t cost much to have the missing tiles replaced.
  2. Blocked Guttering – This can result in extensive damage to the exterior walls, as excess rainwater has no channel of escape, so you should always ensure that your guttering is free from obstruction, allowing a free flow of water. This service would be included in a roof inspection, and if you have overhanging branches above your roof, it is even more important to keep your eye on the guttering.

  1. Fascia & Soffit Boards – These are typically made from timber, and might require painting every couple of years. In the event the fascia and soffit have seen better days, you can replace them with PVC, which never needs repainting.

The above are the most common roofing issues, and with an annual roof inspection, prompt repairs will ensure that you avoid costly roof repairs.

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