Wondering how to choose a reliable duct cleaning company? This article will detail four top signs that a company is worth hiring for duct cleaning in Melbourne. Read on to find out more.


It’s an unfortunate fact that there exist many fly-by-night companies that rip you off and then disappear. But there’s less chance of that happening to you if you choose to do business with a well-established company for duct cleaning in Melbourne. A business that has been operating successfully for a good number of years – say a decade to be sure – poses less of a risk to you, as it has already proven that it is reputable and viable. When looking for a duct cleaning company, you should always look at how many years of experience the company has. When a business is 10 or 20 years old, you know it’s had a chance to test out various ways of operating and serving its clients, and the fact that it’s still operating means it’s has been fairly successful at these feats. All of these facts point to you being able to do business with an established company with confidence.

 Mid-Range Prices

You might wonder why mid-range prices are best to aim for rather than scraping the bottom of the barrel. The thing is, you still want quality – experienced and professional duct cleaners, offering a job with reasonably in-depth scope. Those that are offering unbelievable deals often cut corners or do a job that offers very little scope or attention to detail. The mid-range is the compromise between low prices and still being able to find companies for duct cleaning in Melbourne who do a decent job. If you choose the cheapest company, you really are going the cheap and nasty route, and it may well just catch you unawares in some negative way down the track. Maybe their duct cleaners don’t have such good expertise, and they could cause damage to your ducts because they’re trying to work too fast. It’s always better to pay a median price and get real value over cutting corners. 

Great Customer Service

Pay attention to what your first impressions are of a customer service person at a company offering duct cleaning in Melbourne. Their behaviour and body language will tell you a lot, so if you’re being put on hold constantly or your questions are being ignored, this could be the company telling you your enquiry is not important to them. But on the other hand, if you’re greeted by friendly staff who are eager to help you, this is a great sign. Good customer service should run right through the entire company – everyone who interfaces with customers should be able to put a smile on their face and act interested in your questions. If a duct cleaning company shows poor customer service skills, it might be best to look elsewhere.

 They Come Recommended

Any company worth its salt will have plenty of people prepared to recommend them and their good work. To check on a company’s reputation for duct cleaning in Melbourne, simply search for them online to look up reviews left by past customers. This will give you an unbiased point of view of the company’s products, services and attitude to its customers.

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