4 Tips for Choosing and Using Your Leaf Blower

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A leaf blower is a great tool to have around your property, but it’s important to use one properly and safely.

Here are some tips to keep you safe:

  • The best time to use a leaf blower is in early fall before heavy autumn rains start up; that way, your job won’t get washed away by rain.

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  • If rain does come after you clean up leaves and debris, put your leaf blower away for another day; wet leaves will clog up whatever type of engine is inside it and cause severe damage if used improperly at that point.

  • Use caution as well when working near trees, both those with large canopies and those with smaller ones; branches and overhanging leaves could send dangerous flying objects back toward you from anywhere in their vicinity.

  • Finally, don’t forget about your ears—even though they might not be as susceptible to noise damage as other body parts (such as eyes), exposure to excessive noise for long periods of time could lead to hearing loss later on down the road if precautions aren’t taken.

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