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Whether you’re trying to get ready for guests or need a little extra space in your purse, organizing your drawers is a simple way to make life easier. Here are 7 easy steps to organize any drawer.

1. Pull everything out of your drawer.

It will be much more productive to start fresh if you have all items laid out in front of you. If there’s stuff that doesn’t belong (like receipts from previous years), move it out of sight now!

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2. Take stock of what you actually use on a regular basis.

For example, in my under-the-bed shoe storage area I keep things like flip flops, flat ballet flats, sport sandals and heels—because I use those things regularly; an old pair of boots that I don’t wear often was moved to another closet altogether because they didn’t fit into my new system well.

3. Group similar items together so that they can easily be found later.

For example, most of my clothing is organized by type: Workout tops and bottoms live in one bin, casual dresses and tops with jeans, etc.

4. Label bins clearly using masking tape and Sharpie markers.

The more you label items, the less frustrated you’ll be when looking for something specific.

5. Grouping is Key

When moving clothes back into your drawer, group them neatly according to their labeled bin (but do not push them down into place yet!).

6. Clean Up if Need Be

Once clothes are grouped neatly in accordance with their labeled bins, take five minutes to try on outfits and get rid of any clothes that no longer fit well or have worn out over time. Some items should be recycled immediately, but many could be donated to local shelters or sold online.

7. Rearrange as Needed

Put away what you like and rearrange as needed until your drawers are neat and tidy again—you did it!

Now step back, congratulate yourself on a job well done…and feel free to pat yourself on the back every time you open a particularly organized drawer.

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