7 Easy Ways To Clean Upstairs Windows

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Regardless of whether you live in an apartment, townhouse or house, your upstairs windows will get dirty over time. In fact, if you don’t clean them regularly, they’ll turn into dirt-trapping grime magnets that require more than just a simple wipe down with vinegar and water to look good as new.

Luckily, it’s actually easy to clean even filthy windows on your own – here are 7 easy steps!

1) Spray glass cleaner onto glass surface

Using a spray bottle filled with window cleaner, apply it directly onto your windows to begin cleaning.

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The spray helps cover large areas quickly without creating streaks or leaving behind excess cleaner.

2) Rub lint-free cloth across surface

Once you’ve sprayed on enough cleaner, use a lint-free cloth to scrub up any remaining residue before moving onto step 3.

Don’t forget to use gentle strokes! You don’t want to leave behind scratches.

3) Use paper towel(s) to soak up extra liquid

If you used too much window cleaner and need to soak up some extra liquid, grab a few sheets of paper towel (or old rags) from your kitchen junk drawer for help.

4) Finish off with another pass of window cleaner

To make sure your job is complete, spray on one last coat of window cleaner before moving onto drying.

You can either wait until it dries naturally or use a hairdryer set to cool/low heat to speed things along a bit.

5) Make sure not to miss details

After everything is dry, take one last walk around the room and make sure all those tricky spots have been cleaned properly.

Dust particles, cobwebs and other tough-to-see particles often hide in nooks and crannies so be careful where you spray.

6) Add touch ups throughout spring & summer months

If spring has sprung where you live (and it isn’t raining), now would be a great time to give those windows one final wipe down before summer arrives full force.

After about six months, most homes will experience heavy rainfall at least once making spotless windows critical for sparkling curb appeal all season long.

Window cleaners recommend giving sliding glass doors and bathroom mirrors attention first as these are usually high traffic areas that accumulate grime faster than others.

7) Get someone else to do it

For jobs like cleaning windows, there’s no shame in calling upon professional help for assistance.

Whether you hire a local service provider or simply trade services with friends, free labor is free labor!

Offer to take care of their gutters while they handle your grimy windows if needed.

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