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A lot of us spend at least half our day in front of a computer, working on various projects. The office is supposed to be a place where we can relax (and perhaps even enjoy) what we do for a living.

It’s easy to let it turn into something completely different, though. We start feeling tense and overwhelmed about all that needs to get done. As soon as you start dreading your workday, you have work-life balance issues.

Here are some tips on how you can organize your home office so that it doesn’t become yet another source of stress:

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1) Make sure everything has its own place

You shouldn’t have piles of papers or stacks of magazines sitting around; sort them out right away. If your filing system isn’t really efficient, think about using separate folders for each project or client.

2) Eliminate distractions

Make sure there aren’t any pets running around or kids who love making their presence known by knocking things over—or walking through without warning!

If you like having music playing while you work, make sure it’s not too loud—you should still be able to hear people coming and going outside of your door.

3) Have some me time every day

Turn off your phone (even if it’s just for an hour), block off times when you won’t answer e-mails or calls, and give yourself permission to take frequent breaks during long days at work.

Your brain works better when it has been allowed to rest—staring at a screen for eight hours without a break will only tire you out faster.

4) Let someone else do it once in a while

If you have small children, find someone you trust to watch them once in a while so that you can sneak out of the house and go to lunch with friends or call your mom back home.

An hour doing something completely unrelated will refresh your mind for more productivity afterward.

5) Set achievable goals

Keep track of everything you want to accomplish daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This way, you’ll know when you’re falling behind.

6) Do what makes sense for YOU

Don’t feel pressured to follow other people’s advice on organizing a certain area of your home or workspace; instead, figure out what makes sense for you and your particular situation.

7) Enjoy yourself!

Even if nothing gets accomplished throughout most of your day, make sure to take a few minutes here and there to step away from it all.

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