7 Quick and Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet

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Keeping your closet organized is easier than you might think! Here are 7 quick and easy tips to help you transform a mess into a lean, mean organizational machine.

1. Use Shoe Racks to Store Scarves

If your closet doesn’t have built-in storage, it’s time to make an investment. You can find shoe racks with hooks designed especially for scarves—the perfect solution if you don’t have room in your closet.

2. Remove Clutter by Creating A Mudroom or Boot Tray

Don’t let all of those shoes clutter up your space; give them their own spot outside of your closet.

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Creating a mudroom or boot tray is an inexpensive way to get rid of clutter without breaking up your space too much.

3. Get Organized With Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are great storage units because they keep everything neat and tidy while also leaving extra room in your closet.

We love these under-bed storage containers that fit neatly between carpeting and beds so you can easily slide them out when you need something but tuck them away when they aren’t in use.

4. Separate Your Work Out Clothes From Everyday Wear

Allowing your workout clothes to mix with everyday outfits makes life more difficult. Instead, create dedicated space (even in a corner of your walk-in closet) just for your workout clothing, sneakers and accessories like gloves and wrist wraps.

This will leave room in other areas of your closet to store everyday wear that isn’t quite ready for workout clothes.

5. Add Extra Hooks to Your Wall Space

Sometimes our closets run out of room before we run out of things to hang on our hangers.

Adding wall hooks wherever there’s room is a fast and affordable way to increase storage capacity without spending money on new furniture or boxes.

6. Use Stair Railings For Handbags And Purses

Most people aren’t going to want a bag hanger attached to their wall, but keeping bags off of shelves works well enough in most cases.

Using stair railings or anything similar as shelving for handbags and purses does a lot to free up room in your closet.

7. Buy An Over-The-Door Ironing Board Rack

Ironing boards never fold completely flat and always take up valuable space; buying an over-the-door ironing board rack solves both problems at once!

Ironed clothing can be folded directly onto racks instead of waiting around until you have more room in your dresser drawers.

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