7 Quick Tips to Clean Dusty Concrete Basement Floor

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One of the most problematic things about basements is that they tend to collect dust. The good news is that cleaning dusty concrete floors is easy, inexpensive, and doesn’t require too much elbow grease.

You just need a solution made up of one part white vinegar, two parts water, and a bucket of warm water to rinse it off.

These instructions will help you clean your basement floors in no time!

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#1: Sweep

Sweep any debris off the floor before you begin mopping.

#2: Mop

Make sure your mop head isn’t larger than 5/8 thick, or else you won’t be able to scrub dirt out from under furniture legs or underneath cabinets.

It’s also helpful to use an extension pole so you can reach high places without getting on your hands and knees.

#3: Dip Your Mop Head into Vinegar Solution

Submerge as much of your mop as possible into a bucket filled with vinegar solution; let it sit until you finish step four.

It’s important not to skip ahead here because when applied undiluted, vinegar can cause damage to natural stone surfaces like tile and granite!

Also, if you have hardwood floors (instead of tile or concrete), dilute 2 tablespoons of baking soda into 1 quart water instead.

#4: Scrub Dirt Out From Under Furniture Legs and Underneath Cabinets With Mop

Once your mop head has soaked in vinegar solution, start scrubbing—but don’t forget to dip back into the solution whenever it starts looking dirty!

For stubborn areas, consider using a mix of equal parts water and vinegar rather than full-strength vinegar alone.

#5: Rinse Off Floor When Done Cleaning

Use fresh water mixed with vinegar to rinse off excess soap. Then dry with a towel.

#6: Use Baking Soda Instead If You Have Hardwood Floors in Your Basement

No matter what kind of flooring you have in your basement, you can keep it clean by applying a mixture of 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid and 2 tablespoons baking soda to a damp sponge; wipe down surface until clean. No rinsing required!

#7: Repeat Steps 4 through 6 Twice Weekly

Dust buildup can happen quickly in basements because there’s little airflow and humidity levels are usually higher.

Do yourself a favor and repeat steps 4 through 6 twice per week for optimal results.

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