7 Tips for Choosing and Using Your Cylinder Vacuum

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Choosing your first vacuum can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be! There are several factors to consider when shopping for a new vacuum cleaner: type of flooring, type of cleaning and time available.

To help you choose your first Cylinder appliance and use it correctly, here are seven tips:

1) Would you prefer an upright or a cylinder machine?

Upright machines generally come with more attachments, attachments designed specifically for pet hair, brushes that prevent hard particles from falling into dust containers and easy height adjustment.

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If these features don’t interest you then a cylinder vacuum might be right up your alley. Its lightweight design makes it a great tool to store in small spaces or simply put away when not in use.

2) Do you want an automatic or manual device?

Automatic devices have less flexibility but can help save time by doing some of the cleaning work for you, which is especially useful if time is short and floors need to be cleaned regularly.

3) How much time do you have available for maintenance?

Depending on how much time is available, there are several things to keep in mind when choosing your first Cylinder appliance: Who will be using it most often? What types of floors will it be used on? Will it be used frequently on carpeted surfaces? If so, what type of carpet (deep pile, soft pile, nylon)?

4) What is too heavy for carrying when vacuuming around the house?

Is there anything that is way too heavy to carry while vacuuming around the house which would make the whole process tiring?

5) Should I buy branded or generic?

Buying a branded product doesn’t mean that you’ll get superior quality; however, buying generic may result in needing to replace appliances more often.

6) What kind of filter should I buy and how often should I change it?

Filters play an important role in vacuum cleaners; they contain parts such as paper fibres that help catch dust and larger contaminants before they enter into other parts of your vacuum cleaner where clean air leaves through vents.

7) Where should I store my vacuum during non-use and what accessories do I need?

Vacuum cleaners are bulky items that occupy a lot of space even when lying down flat. There’s no doubt about it – you’ll need to dedicate space just for storing your Cylinder appliance! This space will also allow you to hang any extra accessories needed.

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