7 Tips for Choosing and Using Your Pool Vacuum

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Because swimming pool vacuums vary in price, suction power, and filtration abilities, choosing one can seem like a tricky process. The tips below can help you choose a pool vacuum that suits your needs.

1) Filters

Filter size is always important, but it’s especially crucial for pool vacuums since they suck up larger particles. Larger particles also clog filters more quickly than small ones; therefore it’s best to get large filters for maximum efficiency and minimum cleaning time.

2) Manual or Automatic Pool Vacuum?

If you have smaller swimming pools with easily accessible areas, an automatic vacuum cleaner is probably your best bet. However, if your pool has a lot of nooks and crannies or if you have less mobility, then a manual vacuum might be better. Just keep in mind that some areas of a pool are harder to reach than others. For example, steps or ledges may require you to stand on a ladder in order to clean.

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3) Power Cord Length

Similarly, how far from your wall does your vacuum need to reach? A cord that’s too short can be frustrating because it limits where you can clean around your pool. On the other hand, cords too long aren’t great either because there’s no way to store them neatly and they might trip people who walk by. Be sure to consider all aspects before making your purchase.

4) Water Capacity

How many gallons of water will each session hold? You may not want to vacuum as often if you have a larger pool that holds lots of water, so make sure you invest in a unit that holds plenty before storing it away.

5) Cost

Of course cost matters! Luckily there are many affordable options out there. You just need to know what features matter most—so look at reviews and do some research!

6) Warranty/Customer Service

Most warranties don’t last forever, and sometimes only cover certain parts. Sometimes customer service isn’t available after hours or on weekends when you really need help.

7) Look & Feel

It might sound silly, but paying attention to aesthetics should factor into your decision-making. If something looks cheap or uncomfortable, why even buy it?

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