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Whether you’re trying to be frugal or just don’t want to break your budget, it helps to learn how to shop on a budget.

Keep these tips in mind as you head out for back-to-school shopping or pick up new work clothes.

From coupon clipping to yard sales, here are some great tips.

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1) Never shop without coupons

Even if you aren’t couponing obsessively, there is value in knowing where to find deals and having extra discounts handy when necessary.

Coupons come into play throughout different parts of life (birthdays, holidays, birth announcements), so keep an eye open all year long.

For extreme shoppers (hello, Extreme Couponers!), coupon apps like Ibotta offer rewards programs that let users get cash back when they buy certain items from specific brands.

2) Buy quality over quantity

It might seem counterintuitive, but buying fewer higher quality items usually results in more useable pieces than purchasing lots of lower priced goods.

3) Check multiple sources before making purchases

If you’re really looking to save money and stretch a budget, always check prices before making any big purchases.

Sites like Amazon regularly price match competitors; if you can wait until later in the week or month (when many retailers put their best deals on sale), do so.

4) Don’t always trust online deals

Sure, online deals may sound incredible—especially since we don’t have to walk away empty handed when websites say something is sold out—but it pays to be careful.

Websites can make things look good by marking regular items down significantly because those products weren’t selling well in the first place.

Always read product descriptions carefully, especially if something seems too good to be true.

5) Know your size

Most department stores have knowledgeable staff members available who can help you find what works best with your body type.

At smaller specialty shops, store clerks will likely know even more about products and body types.

Take advantage of their expertise; no one knows your size better than them!

6) Be wary of bargains, sometimes

Remember: no matter how inexpensive something appears, paying full price still gets you what you need.

Avoiding designer labels doesn’t mean missing out on quality.

7) Use garage sales to find hidden gems

Garage and yard sales can often be treasure troves, filled with hidden gems.

If a piece feels broken or isn’t quite right but has potential, consider taking it home anyway.

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