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Meal planning is a great way to keep your home clean, stay organized, and save time in the kitchen.

Here are 7 tips that’ll make meal planning easy for busy moms!

1) Set Aside One Morning A Week

Dedicate an hour or two one morning each week to plan meals for the coming week. Organize your recipes by course and create a grocery list (one per family member) then take it with you when you go food shopping at each store.

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2) Make a List Before Going Grocery Shopping

After meal planning, divide your grocery list up by store. This will help ensure you get everything on your list during one trip and minimize impulse buys.

3) Don’t Shop While Hungry!

Eating reduces our willpower which can lead to impulse buying. Instead of eating before going to the grocery store/supermarket wait until after so you won’t be swayed into buying more than what’s on your list!

4) Use Labels In The Fridge & Pantry

Put labels on your fridge and pantry doors to remind yourself of what foods you have inside.

5) Store Foods That Go Together In The Same Place

To reduce clutter and confusion, organize similar items together; that way they’re easier to find when it comes time to prepare dinner.

6) Invest In Some Storage Containers & Ziploc Bags

They come in handy whether storing leftovers or snacks while helping reduce waste too!

7) Keep A Small Notebook Handy For Notes

Write down any recipe ideas as soon as you think of them so you don’t forget them over time.
Doing all these things will simplify life and save time!

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