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If you’re on a mission to get your home organized, but it seems you can never find motivation, there are a few things you can do. Just imagine how much more productive and happy you will be once your home is clean!

1) Throw out everything that’s broken or doesn’t work anymore

If something isn’t working or wearing out in your house, throw it away! There’s no point keeping it if you have no use for it.

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2) Take one room at a time

Don’t try to reorganize all of your belongings at once; take one room at a time and focus on cleaning each area completely before moving onto another space.

3) Find moments throughout your day

You probably don’t want to spend hours organizing your entire house, so think about what needs to be done during different parts of your day.

For example, instead of watching TV after dinner, spend 15 minutes straightening up bookshelves so they look neat.

4) Get help from friends or family me mbers

They say a little bit of help goes a long way. Although you may not need assistance decluttering every item in your house, you could benefit from a second set of hands when re-organizing furniture and disassembling items like beds.

5) Get rid of physical clutter first

The easiest way to start getting organized is by ridding yourself of unnecessary physical items cluttering up your living space.

When your rooms aren’t cluttered with too many knick-knacks, it will be easier to spot areas that still need some attention.

6) Commit to making small changes

Getting started with organizing efforts doesn’t require an overhaul of your entire home, just baby steps!

Try committing to putting toys back into their bins immediately after playtime or turning off electronics as soon as everyone has finished using them.

7) Set goals for where you would like to be

It’s important to identify specific goals for where you would like your home organization efforts to lead.

Before you begin any organizational effort, ask yourself what results you are hoping to achieve.

And when those results come quicker than expected, don’t slack off – keep setting new goals until finally reaching 100% organization!

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