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If you have ever watched a HGTV show, you’ve probably heard an organizer talk about minimizing clutter. But what is clutter, exactly? And what’s a simple way to reduce it in your home? Here are seven tips to do just that!

1. Decide On A Space To De-Clutter

We know we need to keep our things organized, but sometimes it’s hard to tell where things go—especially when there’s so much stuff lying around everywhere!

Start by de-cluttering one space at a time, like your living room or dining room.

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Once you know where certain items belong in each of these rooms, use baskets and containers for everything else until you can find a better spot later on.

2. Home Storage Ideas That Get You Organized

No matter how big or small your home is, being well-organized is always essential. It makes life more comfortable (and keeps us sane) because we have easy access to all our favorite things.

Home organization doesn’t have to be difficult; if anything, it should be as simple as possible so that cleaning and organizing becomes second nature!

3. Eliminate Clutter One Step At A Time

There are many ways to eliminate clutter from our homes, both physical and digital. The easiest way to start? Spend 15 minutes a day tidying up , which adds up to 150 minutes per month!

Decluttering 10 minutes here and there may not seem like much, but once you accumulate enough tidy time over a period of several months, you’ll be amazed at what an impact it has on your everyday life.

4. Donate Items You Don’t Need Anymore

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by having too much clutter in your home ? If so, do yourself a favor and donate some of those belongings that are just taking up space.

Every extra item means another thing to clean, dust, rearrange or move out of sight …all tasks that can easily add up over time.

Rather than keeping unnecessary items around just in case they come in handy one day (they won’t), donate them instead!

5. Go Through Your Things With A Purge In Mind

Ask yourself why you haven’t used something in a while, and if it still brings value to your life.

Maybe it was a gift that seemed useful at first but has since been forgotten about, or perhaps there are so many things cluttering up your kitchen counters that you don’t even use anymore.

Either way, get rid of these unused items before they take up any more space in your home !

6. Clean Off Shelves & Counters

Another great tip for decluttering is to clear off shelves and countertops throughout your house.

While you’re doing so, spend a few moments to ask yourself whether you really need every single object that’s sitting up there.

And again, if you decide it’s time to let something go, head straight to Goodwill!

7. Establish Limits

Now that your countertops and shelves have been cleared off, create limits for things that aren’t crucial.

For example, put coffee cups back in their designated cupboard after each use instead of leaving them out on your kitchen table.

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Not only will you have a more organized home, but also you’ll be using your time and space more efficiently.

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