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Grocery shopping is often stressful, especially when you need to do it multiple times per week.

To help busy moms stay organized, we’ve put together a list of home organization tips that will help them save time at the grocery store.

We recommend trying these out and adjusting as needed.

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1. Save Time with Smart List

If you forget something on your last trip to the store or don’t have time to pick up every item on your list, try using smart lists in your favorite shopping app.

This allows you to add a last item smart list so you never forget anything again!

2. Set Up a Fast System to Track What You Have

Whether you prefer pen and paper or a technology-based system, get an easy method down for tracking what you have so you can make sure items don’t go bad before being used.

For example, many people love using Pinterest boards to pin pictures of their pantry staples.

Once they buy a new product they take a picture of it and pin it to their board along with other similar products.

3. Make Sure You Have Everything Organized Before Shopping

Grab everything from coupons, gift cards, cash and gift bags before you start packing up your car for your next grocery adventure.

That way you won’t waste time searching for things in your car or cart while waiting at checkout lines.

4. Get Rid of Unwanted Food as Soon as It Goes Bad

Do you usually end up throwing away food because you forget about leftovers? Or perhaps some perishables are expired before you even get around to eating them?

Try creating a system to ensure that food doesn’t go bad by designating storage space for certain items in your fridge or freezer.

5. Eat Before You Go

Plan ahead by making sure you eat before going grocery shopping so you aren’t famished and tempted by unhealthy snacks while shopping.

Alternatively, bring healthier versions of quick fix foods like nuts and trail mix to avoid unwanted purchases.

6. Use Your Phone Instead of Paper Checkout Bags

Everyone knows plastic is bad for our planet – but did you know most grocery stores charge 10 cents per paper bag now?

Be kinder to Mother Earth by grabbing reusable bags each time you head out on a shopping adventure.

7. Don’t Overbuy Items

As a general rule of thumb, you should only buy enough of each product to get you through one or two weeks.

Since grocery shopping is such a chore, it’s easy to fall into a routine and keep buying extra amounts without realizing it.

But if you always finish before needing more, donate your extras to those in need instead of letting food spoil or sit in your house uneaten.

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