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Getting organized can seem like a daunting task, but setting up your home office doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

In fact, there are several ways to make yourself more productive at home with minimal effort.

These seven tips will help you set up your home office for maximum productivity.

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1. Organize Your Working Space (It’s More Than Just an Office)

The goal of organizing your home office isn’t just to create a space that looks nice—it should also function properly so you can get work done in it!

To organize your working space successfully, start by prioritizing how everything fits together. What items do you need? Where will they go?

Then move onto deciding what type of space you’re going to use for your home office and how much storage you’ll need.

Once those two things are decided, it becomes much easier to sort through what needs arranging versus what can remain as is.

2. Clean Up Unused Items

As part of building out your home office, don’t forget about cleaning up any messes that might exist around unused items!

Are there papers strewn all over your desk?

Is your planner full of random notes from months ago?

Do you even know where anything goes?

Take some time to clear away unnecessary clutter before getting started on building a new home office.

3. Find Some Furniture That Works For You

There’s no such thing as the best furniture for everyone, so instead of looking for something that works, try finding furniture that works specifically for you.

Yes, big desks with plenty of drawers might look great online—but if you’re physically unable to sit behind one without putting your feet up on it, then big desks aren’t right for you.

4. Set Yourself Up For Success

Even though success means different things to different people, when creating a home office it makes sense to define success ahead of time and plan accordingly.

What would your ideal outcome be after working from home for a week? A month? A year?

And does that mean spending less time commuting or accomplishing a certain number of tasks each day?

Narrowing down what exactly you want to accomplish will ensure you stay on track throughout your entire stint at home.

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5. De-clutter Your Thoughts

If there’s one lesson that we should learn in life, it’s that having less stuff is almost always better. This applies to life as well as home offices.

If you find yourself constantly thinking about old projects, former co-workers, or daily hassles while trying to get work done at home…then de-cluttering your thoughts might be necessary.

Look at your to-do list, assess what’s weighing you down, and then remove distractions as needed.

6. Create Lists

It may not sound sexy, but lists are crucial for maintaining a home office. Whether it’s a to-do list that keeps you on track every day or a project list that outlines everything you still need to do for a certain job…the creation of lists can help keep your brain focused.

7. Don’t Forget About Self-Care

Creating a home office is hard work, which is why it’s important to remember to take care of yourself.

Be sure to schedule in time for self-care—whether that means taking long lunches, working during non-peak hours, or simply relaxing with friends and family on weekends.

Not only will self-care help prevent burnout later on down the road, but it will also allow you to better evaluate how you are doing in other areas of your life.

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