Commercial handyman services are used by businesses up and down the country. Most of them are part of a wider service that includes property and facilities management. Some people view handymen as low-skilled workers who do jobs around residential homes or on building sites. But many handymen are highly skilled and can do all sorts of complex jobs. Here are just a few examples of commercial handyman services.

Building Tasks

Many property management companies who offer commercial handyman services have employees who specialise in a range of skills. They can do all kinds of important jobs around the building, one of them being construction tasks. If you need a walkway, steps, or floor done, a lot of handymen can do it for you. They can finish building tasks that would often cost a lot more if you were to call a contractor. Since cement jobs are common for commercial businesses, it is useful to have a handyman available who can perform them.

Door Replacements

If you are operating a retail business where customers are constantly going in and out the door, it tends to suffer from wear and tear and often needs a lot of maintenance. If you have a commercial handyman around the building, they will take care of it and replace the door when needed. The condition of the door in a commercial business is particularly important for 2 reasons:

  • It is the entry and exit point for customers and employees who use the business.
  • The door keeps the facility secure when nobody is around.

Handyman services can include maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation.

Counter Maintenance

The counter in a shop or in the reception area of apartments is vitally important to the business. If it is not well-maintained, it reflects poorly on your company. Taking care of the counter is another task that comes under the handyman service. A handyman will ensure the counter and reception area is in excellent condition, providing an excellent first impression to anyone who enters the building. They will also ensure all installations in the building are energy efficient.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to have a handyman on site. If they are part of the property management service, they are generally highly skilled and can deal with all kinds of complex tasks from repair to maintenance and more. They will always be there on time and they offer excellent workmanship.

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