Most people don’t know but there are many types of mold and some of them can be very beneficial for us but we usually come across more dangerous kinds that are bad for our health. It can occur on any surface and it usually appears because of a leak. It loves humid conditions where it can spread through the air or by getting attached to other things that you move around.

The important thing is to react on time and remove it yourself if you have the right knowledge and tools but it’s also recommended to call a professional that knows exactly what needs to be done. There are probably many things you didn’t know about but it would mean a lot when it comes to safety. You can look for more info on mold removal here and read further on how to make your premises mold-free.

Which Products Kill Mold?

A good thing is that you can find every product that helps you versus mold in any bigger store that has cleaning supplies. The first one you can use is chlorine bleach and is one of the best ways to destroy or remove damages or discoloration. You should remember to dilute it first because it is quite harsh for surfaces it is applied on.

If you want to use something less harsh so it won’t cause any damage, hydrogen peroxide is the way to go. It has no residue or toxic fumes but it has some bleaching effect weaker than chlorine bleach. You also have to think about preventing it from occurring again so call a plumber to check things out and fix any leakage. If you want to remove it as soon as possible, you can use distilled white vinegar that breaks it down and kills it.

Vinegar isn’t toxic but there can be stains that you can remove by scrubbing it with any product you use for cleaning. The last option is borax and baking soda but it’s the least expensive, easy to mix with water and non-toxic. It’s less effective so you can use it if it happens again on a smaller scale. Read more about it here:

Hire a Professional

When you don’t know how to handle the situation, the smartest thing to do is to call a plumber or a company that specializes in mold removal. This will depend on how serious your case is but usually, people notice it on time. Major cases happen when you are not visiting your property for a long period of time without realizing that humidity is favorable for mold.

It would be best if you know someone locally that can give you a few tips you can do right away or they can come if you have trouble figuring things out. It can appear in hard to reach places so using the right tools isn’t always the main problem. You should also know how to find the best professionals to help you out if you don’t know anyone personally.

Every agency that can send someone has an online presence and it’s quite easy to find more information about them and compare them with others. If most of their clients are satisfied, you can compare the prices and choose which one is the best for you. It’s also better to find someone in your area because it’s easier to find information about them and they will come to your house faster. Click here to read more.

Cleaning Household Items

If you are too late and it spread to your household items like appliances and clothes, there is still a solution for it. For every piece that you are about to clean make sure it is done outside so you can stop the spread. Clothes should be washed with the hottest water possible for that specific fabric and if there are more spots left you can create a solution of water and oxygen bleach.

When it comes to home appliances, they are easier to clean and you can use distilled white vinegar but make sure every spot is cleaned. Each surface reacts differently so it would be best to let a professional manage it if you don’t know how hard you should scrub or how many cleaning supplies to use.

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