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Home organization! This is the time

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Home Organization – Can I Do It?

home office, home organization, home organization tips

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Believe it or not, I’m trying to get myself just a little bit organized. My work area is a TOTAL mess. I work in my office but to tell the truth, I work in the bedroom a lot. I’m completely unorganized. I need an intervention.

I’ve been searching around supplies that would help me BECOME more organized. Honestly, I’ve determined that my attitude needs to change first. I know that I will be buying a new office chair. Mine is SO uncomfortable. If you have any suggestions about an office chair, please let me know.

Check out some of these supplies that I have looked into:
rainbow 10 drawers rolling organizer – This rolling drawer organizer is not only bright and eye-catching (which will draw you to it) it is extremely useful! It can go anywhere you need it.

I think this crayon cup is just the bomb! I don’t have anyone in my home that uses crayons, but I’m wondering about just holding my pens. It’s just so cute and I absolutely LOVE green! It’s only $3.29.

I found this 16 box organizer. This will hold smaller items. I need one that will hold slightly larger items, I believe. I may keep looking, but this one is definitely one to keep on my wish list. It’s priced at $29.99 plus save 30% with code 30MAR1920W

These storage baskets are pretty and very functional. I can see these holding pens, notes, and paper clips. They honestly could hold anything thing you’d like. They are very nice looking. They are $27.99~

Do you think any of these items would help you become more organized do you? I’m being honest, I really need help. I can use ALL the advice you can give me about an organization plan. Just post below any home organization tips you might have for me PLEASE! As I said in the first paragraph, my attitude needs an adjustment, so pray for me, lol.

home organization, home office, home organization tips


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