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Home Declutter Tip #1: Organize by Categories, Not Rooms

When you begin to clean out your home, think about organizing things into categories rather than based on location (such as kitchen items or bathroom items).

This will allow you to get rid of everything in one category before moving onto another, making things simpler during your decluttering journey.

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Home Declutter Tip #2: Get Rid of Everything You Don’t Need

This seems obvious, but it can be difficult to accomplish when you have so much stuff just sitting around. We are often bound to our belongings; after all, it was expensive! or I spent a lot of time collecting these things… But how do we know if we need these belongings? Ask yourself questions like do I use it often? Does it make me happy? Would I buy it again today knowing what I know now?

If you really want to take control of your clutter, try getting rid of at least 5 things per day for 3 weeks.

This may sound daunting now, but once you’ve done it—you won’t believe how easy and freeing it is!

Home Declutter Tip #3: Label Your Boxes

When sorting through your belongings, put them into boxes clearly labeled with their contents. For example, your television box could say television, while your bookshelf box could say books.

Remember that boxes don’t have to be literal containers! You could also create boxes called give away, sell, donate, etc., which can help with accountability; you don’t want to go overboard, right?

Home Declutter Tip #4: Store Items Creatively

After categorizing your belongings, you’ll have to find a way to store them effectively. Be creative here!

Shelves, cabinets, crates, drawers, shoe racks and baskets are some examples of great storage ideas.

Home Declutter Tip #5: Find an Accountability Partner

Having someone who will check up on you throughout your decluttering process can greatly improve its success rate.

Set expectations ahead of time; ask them to meet with you each week, set aside time each weekend or whatever works best for both parties.

Once you have someone who will meet regularly with you to check in, you’ll be less likely to backslide!

Home Declutter Tip #6: Start Small

Keep your first couple tasks simple and manageable so they aren’t overwhelming.

It may seem easier to start upstairs rather than downstairs, or work from left-to-right instead of top-to-bottom.

The key is to just pick something and commit.

Home Declutter Tip #7: Expect Resistance

Some things are hard to let go of, even when you’re aware you don’t need them.

An important part of decluttering is understanding your emotional attachment to things; otherwise, it will be hard to part with them.

Next time you feel resistance rising against an item, pause and remind yourself why you’re getting rid of it.

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