How to Organize and Declutter Any Play Room in Less than an Hour

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We all know that playrooms tend to be one of those catch-all rooms in our homes. They are often small spaces, meaning they can get messy rather quickly.

In order to keep a child’s playroom organized, you will need to have some basic organization items on hand at all times.

Here are 7 tips you can use to organize & declutter any play room

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1. Setting Up Cabinets or Book Shelves

Investing in pre-assembled cabinets or bookshelves is a great way to build storage space within your child’s play area without taking up valuable floor space.

These pieces give your kids an opportunity to organize their own things by creating separate containers (such as bins) with specific purposes.

These containers allow kids to easily pull out specific toys when it is time for them to play!

2. Label Containers To Keep It Organized

If your kid already has toy boxes, make sure to label them clearly so he or she knows exactly where each item belongs once it goes back into its box!

This method may sound simple but is guaranteed to help cut down on unnecessary clutter in your child’s play area.

3. Use Over The Door Hangers For Easy Storage

Another trick parents can use is to hang over door hangers on hooks to display toys that do not require much space.

Not only do these hangers save shelf space, but they also keep toys neatly together which makes it easy for kids to find what they are looking for.

4. Reinvent Your Child’s Dresser Into A Play Table With Stools

Do you have a toddler who plays with lots of small objects? If so, consider using an old dresser as a functional table for playing with blocks, dolls, cars and other small toys.

An old dresser is perfect because you can place stools directly under it to create seating while giving your little one plenty of space to set up his or her play station

5. Hide Toys Behind Books

Making use of vertical space in play areas can be helpful if done correctly!

One idea for maximizing unused space is to create hidden compartments behind books on shelves.

Books take up very little space in comparison to many types of toys, leaving plenty of room behind them for smaller things like legos or action figures.

6. Use Pockets Or Zippered Bags

Have a large collection of figurines and stuffed animals cluttering your child’s room? Try storing these in empty zippered bags or pillow cases.

This is a good option for children who really love to play with toys, but aren’t quite ready to put everything away yet.

7. Install Shoe Organizers

Finally, install shoe organizers on a closet door or on a closet rod to make your play space more orderly and efficient.

Many of these organizers come in different sizes and can even be painted to match your child’s room decor!

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