How to Organize Your Kid’s Clutter: Tips from the Pros

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If you have kids, you know how quickly their rooms can become cluttered—toys all over, clothes on floors or thrown on beds. Even just a few toys scattered around on a floor are enough to drive any parent crazy!

So here are some super easy tips that will help organize your kids’ clutter right away. (Be sure to reference pics of bedrooms with clutter)


Bring order to chaos by placing items in sections based on color. Make it fun for your children by giving them each a special my room bin where they can place items from each group.

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There are many different types of bins; colorful bins with lids look great inside a kid’s room, as do decorative crates if you want something more unique.

Just make sure whatever you choose fits in with your decor.

Accessories aren’t just for adults!

You don’t need to buy accessories specifically made for organizing kids—these look very similar at first glance but there are a few important differences you should know about before deciding which ones to purchase.

Some clever storage solutions can be used no matter what space you have available or what you are trying to store.

Boxes, boxes, boxes!

Boxes come in handy when you’re trying to get organized because they come in all sizes and colors so they easily fit into most interiors while remaining neutral.

Plastic totes are also great because they offer extra durability if young kids use them often.

Keep things where they belong.

To ensure your little one puts everything back where he found it later, try labeling his clothing drawers so he knows exactly where to put his t-shirts and socks after he takes them off.

This is an especially good idea if you fold clean clothes ahead of time and keep dirty laundry under your child’s bed instead of in his closet.

Clear out spaces like toyboxes.

When storing toys, leave plenty of breathing room between each piece since kids won’t be able to play with them without moving other toys out of their way first.

Shelf Labeling Works Well

Labeling shelves within toyboxes is also a good idea so everyone can find specific toys without even opening up the box itself.

Don’t let books fall prey to clutter.

Books are notoriously hard to keep organized, especially once they start piling up. The best way to deal with too many books is never having too many books!

To avoid ending up with stacks of unread titles weighing down your bookcase, borrow fewer books and give yourself more time than you think you need every week to read what you already own—even if it means reading fewer new titles per year overall.

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