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Packing a suitcase is simple. You just have to follow a few simple steps to make sure your clothes and beauty products are packed the right way.

Here are some tips that can help you do it right!

Fold your clothes

This is probably a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t fold their clothing before packing it away in their suitcases. There are ways to fold your clothes that help save space; accordion folding works great (see picture).

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Roll up skirts, shirts, jeans and other fabric items

Rolling up your items makes them smaller and easier to fit into your suitcase! You’ll also avoid wrinkles if you roll your clothes.

Take out those shapewear and socks

Shapewear can take up quite a bit of room in your bag, so if there’s anything you’re not using during your trip, leave it at home.

If there’s something like socks or underwear that doesn’t need to be unfolded during travel or doesn’t take up much room when folded, go ahead and pack them just fine – no rolling required!

Line up shoes and stack in bottom of suitcase

Shoes usually take up a lot of room, so line them all up on top of each other rather than side by side. It will minimize shoe crowding and make more space for storing your clothes.

Travel-size products where possible

Travel size toiletries can save you tons of extra luggage weight! They work just as well as their full sized counterparts and allow you to cut down on bulkiness without sacrificing quality.

Group electronics together and wrap in a plastic bag

Electronics often get wet when packed inside your suitcase, so make sure they stay dry by grouping them together and wrapping them up in a plastic bag.

Keep one small empty bag handy

Store dirty laundry in one small empty bag during transport. Toss any unworn articles directly into wash once you arrive to reduce any stains or odors from building up over time.

Know how long stuff can last without washing it

The less laundry you have to do while traveling, the better! Make sure to read care labels and know how long things can last without getting washed.

Oils and perfumes tend to build up faster than regular apparel, which means you might want to wash them after wearing just once or twice. Also keep clothing made with wool (such as sweaters) on a shorter rotation, since wool retains odor longer than other fabrics.

Know how long your liquids can last

Hair and beauty products are allowed in carry-on bags only, so you may want to consider checking them. When choosing what bottles to take with you, pay attention to whether they can leak or break during travel.

Liquids like shampoo and liquid makeup usually last three months after opening, so try and switch out old bottles as needed.

Turn your suitcase into a storage unit

Once you’ve finished unpacking, it’s important to find a place for everything. Start by sorting through your items and separating them into piles (like workout clothes, going out clothes, etc.). Then, start putting items back in your suitcase!

Try and stack similar clothing on top of each other so that you can maximize use of space. Also, look for places like between socks or under large bulky items that are good hiding places for small cosmetics or jewelry containers.

Pack a small box or duffel bag

Any small items that you want to make sure to bring along should be placed in a separate bag, like loose jewelry or foreign currency.

Tuck it into an unused pocket of your suitcase and then put your clothing on top of it. If you get stopped by security, they’ll still be able to see them and check them without having to empty out your entire suitcase.

Use other items to fill in empty space

Rather than stacking clothes on top of each other, try and fill any extra space with towels or blankets. You can never have too many, especially when you’re staying somewhere that provides thin sheets.

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Some hotels even offer complimentary pillows and towels if you request them! As for blankets, they serve as a nice substitute for bedspreads and can be used to cover your body or lay on top of during hot summer travel days.

Socks make your suitcase easy to organize

If you have any empty spots in your bag, like long gaps between socks or clothing items, fill them up with a pair of socks!

You can then stack other clothing on top of them and group together pieces that are alike. Packing sets like undies and bras together is another way to save space.

Make it easy for yourself

Think about how you’ll be packing before heading out.

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