How To Use A Purse Organizer

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Finding a purse organizer can help to make your day run smoother. Your purse may currently be a black hole for lost documents, cosmetics, and cash.

At the end of a busy week your purse may be in complete disarray. The clutter may be making it difficult to find items quickly. A messy purse can cause you to have moments throughout your day that could have taken less time and effort. Are you guilty of taking extra time at the checkout line to fumble through your handbag looking for your wallet? Here are three tips to help you keep your purse organized.

Purse Organize

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Schedule an appointment with yourself at least once a week to sort through the contents of your purse. This is a good time to find any important paper work that was left behind in your purse. Such as business cards, important personal documents, and receipts. This is a great time to add extra cash to your wallet. Having cash on hand, can help you to stick to a budget and prevent you from overspending when you use your credit cards.


Sort all of the items in your purse in piles of similar items. Look at your make up and skin care items. Replace all make up items that have run out. Check to see how much hand cream is left in your handbag if your purse is holding too many full size products, purchase small clear plastic refillable containers for moisturizer, lotion, and perfume products. Use trial size versions of full size products you may have in your make up bag.

Purse Organizer

Choose a purse organizer based on your needs. Think about the size of your handbag. The staple items that you must have in your hand bag everyday. Consider the new scaled down travel sizes that you have put your personal care items in. Place everything neatly into your purse organizer. Any items that do not fit into the organizer can be added to the correct area of your handbag for easy access. Keep all make up and personal care items in a clear make up bag.

Make up Organizers

A clear make up bag, will cut down on time looking for products inside of a colored make up bag. If you have several different make up bags, purchase a larger make up bag that offers more organization options. You may be unable to find a make up bag to accommodate your make up collection. A great solution is to purchase a large clear make up bag, and you place everything into that bag. Each smaller bag should be organized by use.

For example, place your concealer, make up primer, and eye make up primer into one bag. The next bag could hold your liquid foundation, sponges, powder, or mineral foundation. Next you may have a bag just for the eyes, lips, and cheeks. Make it very easy to find one item, in less than one minute. Any time framer longer than that is too long.

Taking a few moments each week to tidy up your purse cans save you time throughout your week. Knowing exactly where to find something cuts down on confusion, when you only have a few free minutes to accomplish a task.

Fumbling around the inside of an open purse is an invitation for thieves to see exactly where you keep your money. Being organized helps to quickly access all valuables in your purse, and quickly put them back out of sight while you are in public. Use these tips to help you keep your purse organized.

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