If you live in NSW and wish to build a swimming pool on your property, there are very specific safety requirements that you must follow. In 2013, it became law that all swimming pools must be registered with the state, and 3 years later, any property with a swimming pool must have either a compliance or non-compliance certificate when sold.

  • Pool Fencing – The minimum height for swimming pool fencing is 1.2m and most people prefer glass, due to the transparency that allows you to see inside the pool area. The maximum gap under pool fencing is 100mm, the same goes for vertical gaps in fencing, which must not exceed 100mm, and the gate must be of the self-closing variety, with a latch that closes.
  • Inside the Pool Area – There can be no furniture inside the pool area and that includes BBQ or any tools (other than pool cleaning tools), and there should be a pool safety notice that is clearly legible from any location, which has diagrams of resuscitation activities and important information.
  • Surrounding the Pool Fencing – There can be no objects within 1.5m of the pool fencing; trees, shrubs, furniture or any other item that might assist a child climbing the fence. Essentially, there must be nothing around the pool fencing that could aid climbing.

If you search online, you will find state guidelines on their website and once you feel your pool complies, search online for a company that provides a swimming pool compliance certificate in Sydney and book an inspection.

Selling your Property

In the event you wish to sell up and move on, you must have either a pool compliance or non-compliance certificate, and for ease and convenience, it is better to have the pool certified prior to putting it up for sale.

Pool Fencing Contractors

If, for example, you found a Sydney based glass pool fencing contractor, they would be very familiar with the state pool safety guidelines and would therefore ensure that your pool area would pass an inspection. They can also provide the safety notice board that must be displayed within the pool area, plus they would fix the sign in place.

A swimming pool compliance certificate is valid for 3 years, and is interchangeable with owners, so if you buy a house with a pool, it will come with a compliance or non-compliance certificate. When you are ready, make an appointment with an approved pool certification company and they will inspect your pool for safety compliance.

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