Memory foam roofing has existed in excess of 4 decades among the major selections for materials in insulation and roofing. Once, these were considered simply to be an alternative choice to age-old built-up roofing however memory foam roofing already is one of the forefront from the roofing industry because it has shown its durability, dependability and affordability. Some have previously survived 4 decades and appearance so that you can continue performing for that decades in the future.

Advantages of Memory Foam Roofing

Memory foam roofing has lots of advantages in comparison with other roofing options. The policy of this kind of roofing is seamless, as memory foam is available in liquid form initially, after which sprayed evenly like a single, continuous membrane that protects the whole roof. There aren’t any joints or seams that may widen to result in leaks as with other roofing materials. Memory foam can also be flexible, it may be set up in practically any type of surface even roofs with protrusions and irregular shapes could be included in memory foam.

Memory foam roofing can also be very lightweight, it always just weighs around 50 pounds per square ft, when compared with 800 pounds for that built-up roofing system and a minimum of 100 pounds for individuals ballasted single-ply membrane roofs. Memory foam offers great insulation so it can benefit keep heat away during hot seasons as well as heat inside during cold seasons. This kind of roofing can also be very low maintenance, there’s little waste produced throughout its use, with proper maintenance, may last indefinitely.

Insulating Properties

The insulating properties of memory foam roofing are incomparable. For this type of thin material, it may give sufficient thermal resistance unlike any other roofing option. For each 1 ” of memory foam roofing, the R-value is with a rating of 7.14. It will help save around 30% of one’s costs for air conditioning.

With your savings, the price of the roofing could be retrieved easily in just 5 years. These insulating properties are actually helpful in wineries, chemical processing plants, and oil refineries. If memory foam roofing can withstand the requirements of those industries, what will it provide less demanding settings?


Another essential property of memory foam is its waterproofing abilities. Memory foam roofing is composed of very uptight cells that in general can behave as an obstacle for water and moisture. It doesn’t only keep water, in liquid form, away, additionally, it minimizes issues with dew point and prevents condensation water inside structures.

The roofing is extremely protected whether or not the foam’s top coat will get broken because the underlying layer still keeps the rooftop waterproof. Water also drains correctly so accumulation water doesn’t happen even if it rains.

What It Is Applied

Memory foam roofing is really a mix of polyol and isocyanate. The 2 substances are tell you a piece of equipment referred to as proportioner which heats in the two chemicals and sprays these questions mixture utilizing a spray gun like a single substrate. Since the foam is initially sprayed in liquid form, it may cover the top of the structure like a single, continuous layer which has no seams or joints, supplying stability as well as coverage.

When installing the memory foam roof, it’s important for that surface to become dry and free from any contaminant for example solvents and oil. To safeguard the memory foam roof in the sun rays from the sun, another layer, known as the elastomeric coat is sprayed on the top, making the rooftop much more protective because it is.

With your advantages and easy installation, there’s no question why memory foam became one from the top choices among roofing options today. With your great properties there’s no doubt that memory foam roofing is certainly worth getting for just about any structure that requires sufficient protection.

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