Natural Ways To Deodorize The House

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An ill-smelling home is something no-one wants, particularly when visitors are expected or the landlord is about to arrive for an inspection. Commercial air fresheners can provide a quick fix however there are a number of natural ways to deodorize your home which are not only inexpensive but also very effective.

1.Identify the cause

There may be a very simple answer to fix any odors. Perhaps it is time for the cat litter to be changed or the carpet to be steam cleaned. If there is a singular bad odor, then identifying what it is and taking action can be the quickest solution. Let your nose be your guide.

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Deodorizing your home may be as simple as opening a few windows and doors. Rooms that are closed up tend to smell musty fairly quickly and letting them air for an hour or two can make a great improvement to their fragrance level.

3.Deodorizers from the pantry

Most people will have vinegar, vanilla and baking soda in their pantry. These simple ingredients can be used to deodorize a whole range of items and surfaces.

White vinegar can be diluted with water and used in a spray bottle or with a mop and bucket to clean and deodorize flat surfaces and floors. Vinegar is very effective at neutralizing odors and while the initial smell is very pungent, this dissipates quickly.

Many people are already aware of the use of vanilla to deodorize refrigerators. It is also useful for adding a pleasant scent to your home, just add a few drops to the water when you wash out trash bins, mop floors or clean benches.

Baking soda is the wonder ingredient for natural cleaning. For fresher carpets and rugs, sprinkle baking soda, leave for 15 minutes and then vacuum. Test on a small area of your carpet or rug first to ensure color fastness.

Another simple remedy from the pantry is to collect a few ingredients and cook something mouthwatering. There’s nothing like the smell of baking to make a home smell great. Brewing coffee works equally well.

4.Deodorizers from the plant world

Buy some cut flowers with a pleasant scent or pick some from your own garden and place bunches around the house. Sweet smelling flowers can pervade your whole home with a lovely natural scent. Remember to choose flower varieties carefully if you live with asthma or allergy sufferers.

Oils such as tea-tree and eucalyptus not only have deodorizing properties but are also anti-bacterial. Used in very small amounts or well diluted as they have particularly strong scents, they can neutralize bad odors in a flash. A few drops can be added to cleaning cloths and to the water used for washing floors to add a great “outdoor” fragrance to your home.

These are some of the natural ways to deodorize your home. If you continue to experience bad odors despite your best efforts, it may be time to consider a full spring clean of your home or possibly even repainting.

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