The Best Tips and Tricks for Decluttering Your Bathroom

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Bathrooms can be tricky to organize, but it’s not impossible. Here are nine tips that will help you get started:

1. Remove all makeup, lotions, hair products, etc., from your bathroom countertops.

The first step in decluttering your bathroom is getting rid of extraneous items on your counters—they just add clutter!

Move these things into smaller containers or baskets that you can stash elsewhere in your bathroom until they’re needed.

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2. Clean out under your sink, too.

Under-the-sink storage often gets overlooked when we clean up our spaces. Get out a trash bag and toss old bottles, half-used creams, old razors (and blades), and anything else you don’t use anymore.

3. Put away towels as soon as you dry off after a shower or bath.

Don’t let them pile up in a basket by your tub; hang them back up where they belong.

4. Keep things organized by type.

Are there common household items that have multiple uses? Group like with like so everything is easy to find again later if you need it—small travel toiletries containers work great for storing cotton swabs, Q-tips, toothpicks, floss picks, nail clippers and other small accessories used around the house!

5. Toss expired medications!

Old medicines are dangerous because pills lose their potency over time, increasing your risk of an adverse reaction.

Even vitamins lose potency over time—be sure to date every bottle and toss anything that’s past its expiration date.

6. Be realistic about how much room you really need.

Can you stand in front of each product without hitting something behind you? If not, then those objects probably don’t belong in your bathroom!

7. Give each family member their own space to store their own items.

It doesn’t matter if they only use one thing (toothbrush, comb, washcloth) at a time—if they need their stuff handy, give it to them. It’ll keep everyone happy.

8. Hide charging cords under a cabinet door or shelf whenever possible.

You won’t trip over them accidentally and you won’t have to look at those ugly wires either!

9. Pack away bulky beauty equipment

Avoid leaving bulky beauty equipment out when you aren’t using it.

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