The Best Way to Declutter Your Kitchen Counters: Tips and Tricks

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There’s no denying that if you have kids, pets, or both, clutter can easily get out of hand in your kitchen.

Luckily, there are some practical tips you can use to declutter your kitchen counters quickly.

Here are seven simple tips for how to declutter your kitchen counters. (Note: While these home organization tips apply primarily to kitchens, they may be useful in any room with limited space.)

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1. Rearrange Small Appliances on Upper Shelves

Get rid of small appliances and put them on top shelves so they don’t take up counter space.

If you need to leave small appliances on lower shelves, store things like small saucepans in cabinets below so as not to crowd up your counters.

The key is not to let those lower shelves be an extension of your countertop; keep it clear for food preparation purposes only!

2. Store Items in Clear Bins , Plastic Containers, or Tupperware

Use clear containers (similar to tupperware) so you can see what’s inside without having to open everything. It helps reduce clutter by giving items a place to live without taking up too much space on your countertops.

Having a designated spot for everything allows you to locate items more quickly—not only does it save time but also minimizes stress from forgetting where something is.

3. Hang Cutlery and Pots Over Sink Using Rack System

Install a pot rack over your sink (if you don’t already have one) so that silverware and other cooking implements hang over it rather than crowding up around it.

This way, your sink stays relatively clutter-free while creating more space around it at eye level for placing plates after washing them.

4. Use Over-the-Sink Tissue Boxes

Put tissue boxes in above windowsills instead of on countertops because doing so frees up valuable real estate.

An easy trick to using them effectively is to install extra hooks under windowsills at appropriate distances apart for hanging rolls of paper towels just as you would tissue boxes.

Not only will you save space, but your children won’t be able to reach over and grab tissue boxes—making it less likely they’ll make a mess when using them.

5. Keep Some Counter Space Clear

The biggest mistake people make when trying to clean up their kitchen counters is thinking they need to clear all of it off before putting anything away.

Don’t overcrowd yourself into such little space that you can’t find stuff later on; leave some empty space for last-minute convenience.

6. Drawer Organizers Make Great Spare Kitchen Storage

Pull-out drawer organizers work great for spare kitchen storage. But you can even find ones designed to fit into drawers that aren’t necessarily intended for drawer organizers.

And though they work best in drawers, you could even attach Velcro strips to back of bottom cabinet doors, allowing you to store flat items like cutting boards and baking sheets, saving space underneath your upper cabinets.

7. Move Large, Bulky Appliances Out of Sight

Large appliances like microwaves, toasters, blenders, and coffee makers can often be moved out of sight in upper cabinets or on countertops.

Take your appliance manuals and measure your available space to determine whether it’s possible to move bulky appliances up higher.

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You might be surprised at how many times you end up actually using them when they’re hidden away!

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