The Best Way to Remove Hairspray From Your Tile Floor

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If you have hardwood floors, chances are you’ve had a can of hairspray explode in your bathroom. Luckily, getting hairspray off tile is pretty easy with a little bit of help from common household items.

First, grab some rubbing alcohol (or other solvent), paper towels, and one of those sponge mops.

We recommend wearing gloves while you clean because who wants to touch hairspray? Not us!

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Here are 7 tips to remove hairspray from tile floor

1. Sprinkle equal parts baking soda and cornstarch over where you need to clean. Use your finger or a flat edge (we used our fingers) to spread evenly over surface area

2. Rub into affected area with gloved hand

3. Let sit until it dries; we let ours sit overnight

4. Wipe away excess product

5. When dried, vacuum

6. You may notice that some stains remain after vacuuming – don’t worry! Simply sprinkle more cornstarch/baking soda over those areas and repeat steps 2-4

7. Your floor should look fresh again!

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