Ways To Organize Stuffed Animals

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Does your child have an overabundance of stuffed critters? From the giant Teddy Bear she won at the fair, to the teeny-weeny beanie baby collection she started when she was 2, here are some great ideas to organize and display all of your child’s stuffed animals, without removing her access to all the wonderful, imaginative play opportunities her animal collection provides.

Space Saver Idea

“The Zoo” is a great space saver for stuffed animals of every size, shape and sort. This giant cage adds loads of fun to your child’s room décor, while giving her practically unlimited space to store her animals, great and small. It is the perfect solution for organizing stuffed animals. Check it out!

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Caging Possibilities

If you don’t want to spend the money on a pre-purchased item like the zoo, some other options for “caging” those critters might include an old (but clean!) bird or small animal cage, which can sit in the corner of a room, or up on a table. You might also want to try a medium or large dog house, with the names of favorite “stuffed animal” pets stenciled on the front.

For those parents with a touch of creativity and the knack for construction, you can build your own “cage” or stuffed animal house, to keep your child’s critters. If you are building a cage, be sure to use stretchy material or rope for the bars, so that animals can slip in and out easily.

Mesh Netting

Mesh “nets” also work great to store those stuffed animals. Simply stretch one across a corner of your child’s room, “hammock” fashion. These nets can hold quite a few of your child’s furry friends, making it easy for her to play with them and also to put them away after play.

Another inexpensive solution for storing stuffed animals could include a mesh laundry bag, or bin. These often come in bright colors such as red, blue or purple. They are strong enough, and flexible enough to allow for storage of a good quantity of both small and large stuffed animals.

Purchasing Storage

“The Animal Bag” by Boon is another ingenious solution to stuffed animal overpopulation. The bag is a brightly colored, furry “bean bag”, without the typical bean stuffing. The “stuffing” for the bean bag is actually all those stuffed animals you didn’t know what to do with. Children have easy access to their stuffed animals, because a zipper keeps them in, or lets them out, whenever your child chooses. For more information about “The Animal Bag” visit Thingamababy.

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