Who Invented The Vacuum Cleaner?

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Where does one even begin? We can’t pinpoint an exact inventor for vacuum cleaners because there were so many individuals responsible for their creation.

However, it all began with two separate inventors: Ives McGaffey and Melville R. Bissell.

These guys both deserve a portion of credit for creating upright vacuum cleaners; however, Bissell is often called the father of vacuums because he created both steam carpet cleaners and hand-held versions that revolutionized our homes.

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In 1869, he patented his new machine by trademarking the Rookwood. It was important to note at the time that up until then housework was largely completed by maids who cleaned carpets on hands and knees.

This invention allowed women (and men) to clean their own carpets efficiently for the first time in history. Like most household products, Bissell never profited from his invention.

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